This world is anything but a fair and just one.

In my world in particular, I come to work, complete my daily tasks, and sometimes, go above and beyond to help my fellow co-workers out. Our “fearless” leader, the “Project Manager”, who also happens to be the boss’ kid, would rather watch his co-workers struggle and drown rather than jumping in to help us out.

I’ll give you an example.

Thursday afternoon, it’s pissing rain, our lead shipper heads off to catch his flight. All that’s left is the secondary shipper, and myself. Two trailers show up to be unloaded. One was scheduled for the day before, and one for the Thursday. Our Mississauga filter client shows up for a pick up, there’s no room at the dock. We tell him to go back to his warehouse, it’s going to be a few hours. A few minutes later, our Mississauga filter client’s West Coast counter part shows up. A full trailer to be loaded to ship to the west coast. Our shipper scrambles to get everything unloaded so we can fill this trailer as fast as possible. Some boxes are unlabeled, we have no idea what they are. So, I ask for help from the boss’ kid. He is our project manager after all. What I get in response is dismal. As he can barely pull his gaze away from his phone, he tells me he is watching a video about a game on Kickstarter… Really! Like that is going to help us load the trailer. He goes to the machine operator, asks if he can borrow a guy to help out. “They’re all out to lunch”. So I guess we’re stuck hauling boxes and re-skidding this shit ourselves. The kid just goes back into his office and continues to watch his video. The trailer took almost four hours to load.

The following day, not much was exchanged between the kid and myself. Not even a “Good Morning”.  Just shade thrown his way. This bothers him. He goes to everyone else in the warehouse and the office, and asks them what’s wrong with me, why I’m so upset. After everyone else, he finally asks me. I just say I’m fine, and I leave it at that. So went the rest of the day. Smiles and laughing with everyone else in the office and back of house, but as soon as this kid shows up, I shut it down. Upsetting him made me feel better.

Now this brings us to present day. The Monday after the storm. I’m standing talking to another employee, when the kid shows up. Clearly upset at being yelled at by his father in front of the office, he resentfully reveals that he is still waiting for his pay increase. MOTHERFUCKER WHAT?!?! A pay increase? For doing what exactly? Sitting at your desk watching the security footage? Or for sitting at your desk watching videos on your phone? Or maybe for walking around between the machine pretending to talk on the phone.

It took so much to restrain myself from choking the life out of him in that very moment.

Holy shit.

Oh. Anyone else that could have helped us? One was sent to the Big Boss man’s house to take out his garbage, and two other faithful lads left for lunch after not breaking for nearly seven hours.

Yeah. That’s the kind of shithole we work in.


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